Online Business Investments Vs Bank Savings

I am highlighting this topic after something I saw while I was at the bank earlier cashing in my checks for the past couple of days. There was a big board announcing that the bank would be giving you a very generous interest rate on your savings.

Now if you have a bit of saving in the bank which you probably would, I’d imagine that around 5% on that interest would be classed pretty good?

So say you have 1000 in a savings account at 5% interest – I’ll let you do the math but from the top of my head-it won’t be anywhere near 1500, 2000 or 500,000 in a year would it?

This is possible with an online business…

So my point here today is alright I agree with having a bit of savings but I’d think that your hard earned money is better in your pocket than someone else!

In addition to that I think the return you would get is peanuts compared to investing the money in online business.

After all, a business is there for life once it is set up it brings in a residual monthly automated income for you so you don’t have to work at it regularly to see money coming in which is more than likely to be more than a mere 5% which you would have received from an interest compound.

So within a week/month of working the business they can earn back not only their money but also a profit on average of 1600!

If you understand my point great, I happy I made you realize this. There are many online business opportunities available choose one which offers 1-2-1 support and training. This is vital when starting in a new field.